Mobile games have conquered the market in recent years. You’ve just begun with sports games, shooters, and car games. Recently, mobile strategic games have become popular as well. One of them is Lords Mobile. Gre was produced by IGG, which has produced such as Castle Clash. Lords Mobile is a combination of an RPG game with a real-time strategy.

As every game for Lords Mobile phones starts with a tutorial which is a good solution. However, this time the game’s creators did not show off. The initial tutorial is too long and discourages to delve into it. Let’s get to the positives. The game draws you in and is a great way to spend your free time. Each army in the game is led by a hero, you can have many of them in your army to face other blows. You can also send your heroes to do side-off threads, which is also a very interesting solution. Choose the best people and fight in real time against the coming enemies. After completing side quests you will receive a reward that allows you to improve your heroes and unlock new opponents, which will make us enter a new level of difficulty.

What is worth emphasizing is the fact that fights take place in real time and we have an impact on their course by using the special abilities of our heroes.
When it comes to the development of cities, your goal is simply to make it as the largest and the most beautiful. You should also prepare your defense because besides that we will attack others, we can be attacked. If we want to develop at a faster pace, we should use the pay-to-win option. However, if you do not want to invest real money, you can test the Lords Mobile Cheats Tool.

You can use a hacker generator that will add a limited amount of points to your account

In summary, lords mobile is a typical strategy with RPG elements. Thanks to hero mode and side missions, the game stands out from the crowd. The game is available on iOS and Android.