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Empire: Four Kingdoms – About the Game:

Empire: Four Kingdoms, also known as E4K, is an adaptation of the famous browser game called Goodgame Empire. It was released by Goodgame Studios on Android and iOS platforms. This is a strategic MMO (massive multiplayer online) game. In the game we will move to the Middle Ages and assume the role of the owner of the castle and the king, who must take care of the expansion of the city, subjects and, of course, waging wars.

When we start the game, we only have a small wooden lock. Our task is to expand the city and improve buildings. We will need different raw materials, such as wood or food, and shelter for our subjects. Fortunately, at the beginning of the game, we can focus on expansion – no one can attack us for the first week of the game. You should use this time wisely and prepare for the next, more important stages of the game, and, for example, strengthen our fortification. But a wise king must think not only about defense but also about attack. To employ troops, we must first put up barracks and a training center for soldiers. You will also need a tavern where our spy troops will operate. There are many, many more buildings to build: over 60, and the number is growing all the time.

One of the most important aspects of the game is competition (and not only) with other players from around the world. We can attack them, trade or make alliances. With other players, we can communicate not only through the application, but also on the forum. There we can learn new tactics or seek allies to fight enemies. There are also various time-limited events that give you the opportunity to win cool prizes and add variety to your fun. The main goal of the game is to create the most powerful empire, which means that we can play it without end. Getting new levels allows you to move to new lands. Along with the acquired levels, we have more and more responsibilities in the game, so it’s hard to break away from it.

Empire: Four Kingdoms was created in a very aesthetic and quite detailed 2D graphics. The advantage of the game is a convenient interface and intuitive controls. This game is a kind of “classic of the genre”, in the version for smartphones we will not find many new options. Unfortunately, as in the case of a browser-based version of the game, the micropayment system plays a rather large role in the game: rubies, to be bought for real money, greatly facilitate the play and create a significant disparity between the players. Play Store users rated this strategy at 4.3 / 5 (over one million people voted). The game is available in many language versions.


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