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About Social Empires

Social Empires is a social game that premiered on June 1, 2011. It was released by the Social Point studio (known from another game of this type, Dragon City). 1appsmarket rated it at 7.2 / 10, highly rated ease of use. The game combines the strategy and simulation development of the settlement. It is available to facebook users and on the Android platform. It is only available in multiplayer and online only. It is played in real time. In the game, we will have to create an army of warriors and dragons, attack other players and their kingdoms, and take part in various tournaments.

Social Empires is set in the Middle Ages. King Arthur will be our helper in the game. We start with the expansion of the village. We must create buildings in which the necessary raw materials will be produced. We also need to build homes for the villagers and train them. We should also strengthen the fortification of our village – soon we can expect an attack from other players. When we get next levels, we’ll unlock new features. Among other things, attacking other villages. We will need an army to attack, and we can choose from many different units (there are more than 1590. Each unit has different statistics and skills, so we will have to carefully choose. We can include not only knights or mages in the ranks of our army, but also trolls and dragons.

To unlock further levels of the game, we will need experience points. There are several ways to get them, including attacking other players or performing assigned tasks. Gold will also be necessary – we need it to pay for our army and expand our houses, stables and other budynets.

Another attraction in Social Empires is performing various missions, for which – of course – we will be properly rewarded. There are many items to collect that create collections. We also get rewards for completing the entire collection. In addition, we can decorate our village and visit other players.

There is a micropayment system in the game, thanks to which it is possible to develop it faster and to acquire more quickly the necessary materials, but we can also get it thanks to friends in the game (by sending gifts). Social Empires is suitable for all ages.

Trailer game Social Empires: