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About Vikings: War of clans

Vikings: War of Clans is a stratagem game available on iOS, Android and Internet browsers. Its premiere took place on August 10, 2015. It was published by the Plarium studio, already known for this type of games. The game is free, however, it has options for which you have to pay. It is not available offline, we need an internet connection to it. It is also possible to connect our account with facebook, for which, of course, the prize awaits us. Vikings: Wars of Clans takes us to the brutal world of Vikings, where we will lead our own army to fight with other players.

We can start the game in several different Kingdoms, or simply on different servers. One of the important elements of the game is the building and extension of buildings. We will need buildings that generate materials – wood, stone, food and iron [iOS/Android Hack]. The most important are probably the farms that produce the food needed to keep our future branches. From the Palace will depend on what level in the game we can get. The oracle of knowledge will help us to develop our skills – economic, military, espionage, training or invasion.

In addition, it is also important to develop the skills of our hero – it can speed up production and acquire new abilities.

Of course, players also create their branches. Warriors that we can use are divided into five levels. Each level has six types of warriors. Warriors have different attributes and abilities, other weaknesses and strengths – our task will be to create a tactically strong unit and send it to conquer other cities. We train our warriors in the base. What’s more, we can also create our own fleet and expand the defense system of the city. Players also have to complete a number of missions for which rewards are obtained.

However, in the game, we can not only attack others – we can create alliances, or clans. Joining the clan gives new opportunities and allows for faster development in the game, and allows you to contact other players. We can also trade with other members of our clan. In addition, the creators are preparing a number of different events: private, clan and global.

Vikings: War of Clans has good graphics and sound, and for her needs created a lot of animation that takes players into the world of Vikings. Unfortunately, it makes the game slow to load. Another disadvantage of the game is that the extensive payment system makes it very difficult for players who do not intend to pay for additional options. A big plus of Vikings: War of Clans is its complexity: it is a really complex game, which actually allows us to test our strategic skills. The game has been downloaded by tens of millions of users.

Vikings: War of Clans – Trailer