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War and Order is a strategy game that takes place in real time. It was released by the Chinese studio Camel Games. We can install it from the iOS and Android platforms for free, but some improvements are additionally payable. The player’s task is to create his own empire, its protection and its exposition. The whole takes place in a magical world full of extraordinary creatures and dangers.

We start the game with the expansion of our humble village. We will get to know the main principles together with a tutorial showing us around the map. We must build barracks in which we will place our first military troops. There are also a number of other buildings that we will have to put up. One of them is the Royal Castle, to which we can give flowers, one of the game’s currencies. In return, you can receive various awards. In addition, we also need a farm or smithy to get the necessary materials. Our buildings can also be expanded, ie moved to a higher level. The next building, the Embassy, will be especially important in the next stages of the game, when we will start waging wars and forming alliances. The level of development of this building will determine how much help we will get from our allies and how many troops we will send to help them.

It is also important to develop our leadership skills (especially important at the later stages of the game). Leadership skills will also speed up the acquisition of materials. In the game, we use materials such as wood, stone and iron. Each of them is needed for other purposes, so we have to plan wisely on the acquisition that we want to focus on.

However, strategic thinking will be particularly important in the development of our army. It will consist of infantry, cavalry, archers and mages. Each of these groups has different attributes and pluses and minuses. Infantry has a high attack and defense, but it is slow to move. The cavalry is moving fast and is good at attacking, but it will quickly fall down in the fight against the magicians. The main advantage of archers is the attack from a long distance. Mages have a weak defense, but a very strong attack. It will be our task to plan the battle so that we can squeeze out of our forces as much as possible. We can declare war on another player and take part in a series of additional events.

In the game, we can (and even should!) Create alliances with other players. For this purpose, guilds have been created, managed by users that bring together players to fight against each other. Of course, we can also create your own guild.

War and Order is available in thirteen language versions (in Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese). The graphics of the game are very good, and the control is precise and intuitive. Unfortunately, it charges quite a long time, and some elements of the game are available only for a fee.


We invite you to watch the War and Order trailer: